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Year 1 - Year 4


4 modules, total 12 hours

Indoor Digital Map

• Introduction to indoor GIS
• Floor plan and map reading skills
• Indoor digital map production
• Site validation and update

Indoor Signal Map

• Introduction to indoor positioning
• Wi-Fi fingerprint survey and indoor positioning activation
• Indoor positioning analysis



Indoor Street View

• Introduction to indoor 360° panoramic street view
• Data collection and visual map creation



Software Development Kit

• Introduction to Mapxus iOS, Android and Web SDK
• SDK and app integration

• Design a location-based application

with 2 extended modules, total 18 hours

Internet of Things

• Introduction to IoT devices
• Programming of firmware and software applications

• Empower IoT devices with indoor GIS

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• Introduction of robotics
• Demonstration of indoor GIS technology in robotics

• Empower robotics with indoor GIS 


3 hours per module

Suggested Class Size: 40 students, 4 - 5 students in a group

*The suggested class size and duration varies, depending on each school's requirements.

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What students can achieve?

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Understand the basics of indoor GIS (Geographic Information System) 


1. Introduction PPT about the course and indoor GIS

2. Introduction to map elements and floor plan interpretation

3. Course syllabus

4. Course materials for each module

       - Lecture notes

       - User manuals for students

       - Teaching notes for teachers

       - Tutorial videos

       - Quizzes (Supplementary)

       - Assessment scheme

5. Indoor mapping and positioning of the school  campus

6. Train-the-trainer session

7. Class support 

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